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Internationale Studiengang Bionik (11 Uhr) Informationen für Studieninteressierte über den Studiengang. Anmeldung unter studienberatung@hs-bremen.de

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15 bis 19.06.2020
Informationen für Studieninteressierte über die Studiengänge der HSB. Anmeldung unter studienberatung@hs-bremen.de

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Specifications of the course


Beginning of classes   Winter semester
Application deadline   August, 20th and January, 15th
Admission requirements

  • Documentation of a minimum average grade of 'good' (2.5) or an A to B rated ECTS-grade for the initial professionally qualifying degree. Also valid: Bachelor or diploma at a university, technical university or comparable foreign university in areas of the field that are relevant to the chosen programme.
  • Courses and examinations totalling at least 210 ECTS points or equivalent credits of the native country’s grading system. Applicants who have completed a six-semester Bachelor programme with 180 ECTS credit points must complete and document the completion of 30 additional credit points before being accepted for the Master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems'. (please refer to the Registrar's Office for additional information).
  • Submission of detailed information on the initial professionally qualifying degree (diploma supplement), unless concerning a study programme of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.
  • Summary of completed academic requirements (transcript of records).
  • Personal data sheet.


Documents must be submitted in hardcopy form, official documents as attested copies. Documents in foreign-language must be translated by a sworn german translator, before being attested.


Duration of study   3 semesters including final degree examination and Master thesis
Academic degree   Master of Science (MSc)
    Modules Overview


The consecutive, research-oriented Master degree course Biomimetics: Motion Systems culminates in a Master of Science (MSc). It focuses on biological and engineering contents.


Course Contents

The master degree course 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems' offers experimental competences as well as simulation techniques to enable profound analysis and abstraction of different biological kinetic systems, intending an adoption to technical concepts. Profound knowledge of animal locomotion, analysis and abstraction of scientific results and of the transfer process into technical (motion) systems is imparted.


The fields of aero- and hydrodynamics include topics and methods of fluid mechanics such as:

  • Digital Particle Imaging Velocimetry (DPIV),
  • High-speed-analysis,
  • Bodytracking,
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).


In terrestrial motion systems e.g. multi-body-simulation (MKS) is applied.


Apart from technical, scientific and methodical proficiencies students have the opportunity of training their social skills in interdisciplinary project teams and on excursions.

Career Prospects

A wide range of professional activities opens up to the graduates in almost all fields of scientific or technical research and development. The double concentration in natural science and engineering makes future graduates attractive candidates on the job market in research and development departments. See interviews with some of the graduates.


Primary areas of professional activity:

  • Professional guilds in the field of "Man-Machine-Interaction"
  • Power supply industry
  • Robotics
  • Automotive engineering
  • Aerospaceindustry
  • Supplying industry
  • Engineering- and design-Firms
  • Various research institutions

Regular period of study

The regular period of study is 3 semesters including the final degree examinations and the Master thesis.

Application / Admission

Questions about application and admission for the Biomimetics Course are answered by the Registrar’s Office of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Please address applications always to the Registrar's Office.

Andrea Zebrowski
Bremen University of Applied Sciences
Registrar’s Office
Neustadtswall 30
D-28199 Bremen

Tel.: +49/421/5905-2373
Fax: +49/421/5905-2351

Mail: Andrea.Zebrowski@hs-bremen.de

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