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20. Bionik-Seminar- Online!

Spannende Vorträge und Diskussionen
mit Themen aus der Biologie, Bionik und den Ingenieurwissenschaften präsentiert von Wissenschaftler:innen für Wissenschaffende, Studierende und die interessierte Öffentlichkeit.

Letzter Termin:
25.01.2022 um 17 Uhr


Bre3D-Award 2022:
Zeigt her, was ihr könnt!

Bremen sucht die besten Ideen
im 3D-Druck!

Einreichungen von Firmen / Institutionen, aber auch gerne von Studierenden / Nachwuchsforscher:innen sind willkommen.

Anmeldeschluss ist der


3-tägige Online-Workshops zur Berufsorientierung für 16 - 19 Jährige.

Nächster freier Starttermin:
25. Jan. 2022

Anmeldung und weitere Informationen


3. Dezember 2021:
Bionik-Innovations-Centrum und Greenboats entwickeln innovative Leichtbauwerkstoffe:
Nachhaltige Leichtbauwerkstoffe aus Naturfasern für Fahrzeuge und Anhänger in On- und Offroad-Anwendungen

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Aktuelles rund um den Studiengang, Projektarbeiten und Forschung


Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning the Master programme Biomimetics: Motion Systems can be seen below.

When does the term of the master course in Biomimetics start?

Admission to the degree course Biomimetics: Motion Systems is possible the winter or summer semester. Application deadline is August, 20th or January, 15th. Questions about application and admission for the Biomimetics Course are answered by the Registrar’s Office of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Please address your application always to the Registrar's Office.

Is the master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems' a consecutive or non consecutive or even an extra-occupational course of study?

It is a consecutive master degree course and a fulltime course of study.

Is it possible for non-biomimetics graduates to apply for the master programme?

Yes. Each individual case is checked, if basic knowledge and skills in natural sciences and engineering are sufficient for the master degree course in Biomimetics. (please refer to the Registrar's Office as well).

Whom is the master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems' intended to?

The master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems' addresses graduates with a graduation background primarily in natural sciences and engineering sciences (Contents, s. Modules description / Module handbook ). The interdisciplinary and research oriented course focuses on biological as well as on engineering contents. Hitherto applicants have come from the fields of Biomimetics, biology, physics and of course from engineering sciences (mechanical engineering, aerospace and space technologies, power engineering, nautical architecture, medical technology). In case of profound reasons other professional backgrounds are accepted too. The general admission regulation of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences can be looked up on its website.

Will I have to carry out animal experiments?

Yes. Learning from nature means learning and understanding the principles of biology. Living animals, in general insects and fish, will be tested in wind- and water channels in terms of their kinematics and locomotion.

Will there be tuition fees demanded?

No. The master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems' is free of fees. Nevertheless the German Federeal State of Bremen demands general tuition fees. For actual information please contact the Registrar's Office of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

Which career opportunities arise from the Master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems'?

A wide range of professional activities opens up to the graduates in almost all fields of scientific or technical research and development. The double concentration in natural science and engineering makes future graduates attractive candidates on the job market in research and development departments. See interviews with some of the graduates.


Primary areas of professional activity:

  • Professional guilds in the field of "Man-Machine-Interaction"
  • Power supply industry
  • Robotics
  • Automotive engineering
  • Aerospaceindustry
  • Supplying industry
  • Engineering- and design-Firms
  • Various research institutions

Which requirements must be complied for admission?

Admission requirements are:

  • Documentation of a minimum average grade of 'good' (2.5) or an A to B rated ECTS-grade for the initial professionally qualifying degree. Also valid: Bachelor or diploma at a university, technical university or comparable foreign university in areas of the field that are relevant to the chosen programme.
  • Courses and examinations totalling at least 210 ECTS points or equivalent credits of the native country’s grading system. Applicants who have completed a six-semester Bachelor programme with 180 ECTS credit points must complete and document the completion of 30 additional credit points before being accepted for the Master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems'. (please refer to the Registrar's Office for additional information).
  • Submission of detailed information on the initial professionally qualifying degree (diploma supplement), unless concerning a study programme of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.
  • Summary of completed academic requirements (transcript of records).
  • Personal data sheet.
  • general admission regulation of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences

How many students are accepted for the course of study?

The number of university places is limited to 20. If there are more applicants, the allocation of places will be effected by accepted assessment criteria of the university.

I hold a six-semester Bachelors-degree. Is that enough for application?

Applicants which hold a Bachelors-degree of only 180 ECTS-points, will have to prove additional 30 credit points before beginning the studies! Possibilities of gaining missing credit points, should be discussed with the Registrar’s office of the university. See also the general admission regulation of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

What is so special about this master programme?

In 2003 the degree course Biomimetics (B.A.) started at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the first in Europe at that time. Today the location concentrates competences in the field of biomimetics. Special about the master programme 'Biomimetics: Motion Systems' is the composition of studies and research of natural prototypes with a practical schooling in the basics of engineering after biomimetic principles.

Is the Master programme in German language?

Yes, the Master programme is in German language, accept for some english units. (please see the Module handbook for detailed information)



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