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20. Bionik-Seminar- Online!

Spannende Vorträge und Diskussionen
mit Themen aus der Biologie, Bionik und den Ingenieurwissenschaften präsentiert von Wissenschaftler:innen für Wissenschaffende, Studierende und die interessierte Öffentlichkeit.

Letzter Termin:
25.01.2022 um 17 Uhr


Bre3D-Award 2022:
Zeigt her, was ihr könnt!

Bremen sucht die besten Ideen
im 3D-Druck!

Einreichungen von Firmen / Institutionen, aber auch gerne von Studierenden / Nachwuchsforscher:innen sind willkommen.

Anmeldeschluss ist der


3-tägige Online-Workshops zur Berufsorientierung für 16 - 19 Jährige.

Nächster freier Starttermin:
25. Jan. 2022

Anmeldung und weitere Informationen


3. Dezember 2021:
Bionik-Innovations-Centrum und Greenboats entwickeln innovative Leichtbauwerkstoffe:
Nachhaltige Leichtbauwerkstoffe aus Naturfasern für Fahrzeuge und Anhänger in On- und Offroad-Anwendungen

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Here you find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning the international Bachelor Degree Course in Biomimetics.

When is the start of term of the bachelor degree course in Biomimetics?

Admission to the International Degree Course in Biomimetics is possible only for the winter semester. Application deadline is August, 20th. Questions about application and admission for the Biomimetics Course are answered by the Registrar’s Office of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Please address your application always to the Registrar's Office.

Whom is the International degree course in Biomimetics intended for?

The International Degree Course in Biomimetics addresses students that are interested in natural sciences and technology. The interdisciplinary course focuses on biological as well as on engineering contents.

Modules description

What are the career prospects in Biomimetics?

There are no fixed job descriptions for biomimetics scientists. Graduates can expect a wide range of of work opportunities in all areas of research and development of new technologies and/or innovative products:


Professional guilds:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Surface engineering
  • Smart materials and sensors
  • Biomaterials
  • Bioinformatics/Biological Information Technology
  • Robotics
  • Education

What are the admission requirements?

General Secondary School Completion Certificate (Abitur) or Technical Secondary School Completion Certificate or placement test/ special admission. For further information please contact the Registrar’s Office of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

How many applicants are accepted?

The number of university places in a semester is currently limited to 30. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of university places, the allocation of university places is ruled by specific assessment criteria.

Which language is medium of teaching?

In the International Degree Course in Biomimetics all lectures are held in German. The only exception is the course “English” that takes place throughout the semesters 1 to 4. The denotation “international” for the biomimetics course refers to the mandatory term abroad that takes place during the entire fifth semester.

Is it necessary to complete an internship in industry previous to the start of studies?

No. There is no prerequisite internship. An internship also has no influence on the chance to get accepted for the International Degree Course in Biomimetics.

Are all marks of the certificate of qualification for university matriculation relevant for the application or only those of the scientific subjects?

Only the overall grade is relevant for the application.

Is the term abroad obligatory?

Yes. The acquirement of international competences is an essential part of the International Degree Course in Biomimetics. The students are free to spend the term abroad studying at an university of their choice or to pass an internship in a scientific research group or a firm.

Where can I spend my term abroad?

Partner universities of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences are most suitable for the term abroad. The International Office of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences supports the students in any questions concerning the term abroad. It is also possible and desired for students attend courses of other universities or pass an internship.

Are there animal experiments conducted during the International degree course in Biomimetics?

Yes. It is necessary to study and to understand biological basics in order to learn from nature. Therefore animal experiments are an indispensable part of the International Degree Course in Biomimetics. No meaningless experiments are conducted nor needless killing of animals.

What is a bachelor degree?

A bachelor degree course in Germany is not equivalent to the American model. It consists of modules. The objective is, to give the students a qualified basic training within seven semesters so that afterwards they can leave the university or complete a specialization in a master degree course.
The modification of the academic system in Germany from diploma courses to the bachelor/master system is based to the Bologna process. Its objective is to make the education standards within the EU states comparable to each other. The Bachelor degree is a basic academic certificate. It is a prerequisite to start a master degree course. The International Degree Course Biomimetics is completed with the Bachelor of Science that enables the start of a related Master degree program, e.g. the master program "Biomimetics: Motion Systems". Most of the master degree programs have specific criteria of selection that have to be inquired directly.

Is there also a master degree course for biomimetics?

Yes. The Bremen University of Applied Sciences offers the consecutive master degree course Biomimetics: Motion systems. There are more courses offered at different universities in Germany and Austria. For the contact details please go to the website of the biomimetics network BIOKON e.V..



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